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AfrICAN Children Awards

The ‘AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards (ACOTYA) 2019

The Stacey Fru Foundation and its partners will recognises all African children ages 7 to 13 who are contributing positively to their community, country and the continent, in a bit to glorify and African gift, but promote Africa to Africans as a continent of choice. The first ceremony was in 2018.

Stacey’s influence on others has given her great honour to be the custodian of the ‘AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards (ACOTYA)’ competition.

Help a child or group of children anywhere in Africa to say I CAN

“My name is Stacey Fru. I am a BrandSA Play-Your-Part Ambassador.

I am happy to announce that Nominations for 2019 are now open!!  I thank the Premier of Gauteng, Papa David Makhura for celebrating me with so much joy on the 10th of March 2018. I understood the importance of motivation on that day, and told my parents that I would like to celebrate other children as well. I am the Youngest Multiple Award-Winning Author of Chapter books in the world, who wrote her 1st book at the age of 7 without my parents’ knowledge. My influence on others has given me great honour to be the custodian of the ‘AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards (ACOTYA) Competition. These awards fulfill my dream to celebrate other children as I get celebrated. Thank you for sustaining Children’s dream! Nominate NOW!!!!!

Click below for the AGREEMENT FORM.”

The ACOTYA’s intention and goal is to establish an Africa with future leaders that; 

  • represent fellow children,
  • create a circle of network of children, for children,
  • motivate children,
  • represents children’s creativity and innovation,
  • empower children,
  • create a vehicle for children to network,
  • encourage children to learn from each other
  • encourage children to grow and mentor other children in their fields of influence.

The slogan “Growing Up, Growing Minds” is key

To see children grow and reach their full potential in their personal life as well as their communities and future businesses.

Stacey Fru is the custodian of, and organiser of the AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards. The Awards is established in honour of the life and works of Stacey Fru.

ACOTYA competition is celebrating Africa and stating the Africa that will be;

  • ACOTYA competition provides entrants with the chance to celebrate their success from a young age.
  • These awards provide children with exposure and current/future marketing opportunities.
  • Peers honour others’ sacrifices, hard work in recognition of their value.
  • The award can be displayed within schools, homes, future workplaces/businesses, etc. inspiring trust in winners and others.
  • Searching and connecting with fellow award winners and finalists widens their networks.
  • The rigorous nature of the competition will provide an excellent opportunity for children to blossom while learning to accept that they may not be the best.
  • It facilitates the search and connection of excellent children across the continent including finalists and winners by governments and businesses.
  • Children too can!
  • Exposing potential in young children.
  • Rejoicing the achievements young children.
  • Promoting young children’s interests.
  • Forming a platform for young children.
  • Supporting development of young children.
  • Swaying government decision-making pertaining to young children.
  • Give parents reasons to trust and empower children from young ages.
  • Unlock potentials in creativity and innovation for young children.
  • Promoting the business interests of young children.
  • Influencing future employment decisions-making pertaining for children.

By its nature of existence, the Stacey Fru Foundation is committed to see children succeed. Its role to uplift and recognise children for their outstanding accomplishments will be fulfilled by hosting this annual “Children of the Year” competitions.

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps that may assist you to re-focus and become the real you.
  • Attend events where you’ll have the opportunity to meet other children.
  • Network with other like-minded children and gain international exposure
  • Celebrate your journey
  • Stay self-motivated and inspire others

The competition is open to all African children between the ages of 7 and 13. We encourage children to stand up and be proud of their triumphs and footprint left for others to follow. Click here for more

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