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Stacey is the voice of the voiceless. Her ambitions for the growth of the African child is extensive. She has dedicated her life to teach, motivate and encourage others through public talks, writings, and her television projects because she is disappointed that many children cannot read and write by age 9. Her focus is Child Kidnapping, Child Trafficking, General Safety and Security.


As a giver, Stacey hosts free speaking and teaching sessions. She seeks and donates items like books, computers, clothing and food through this Foundation to children and adults. Her foot print is seen in provinces in South Africa and into rural areas in the African continent where she has been privileged to appreciate how lucky she is.

Some beneficiary of Stacey’s works includes:

Mohau Children Home

Stacey’s home of Choice for talks and books give away since 2017

Carl Sithole Children's Centre

Stacey’s Centre of Choice for bonding, talks and books give away since 2017

Epworth Children Village

Stacey’s Centre of Choice for bonding, celebrations, talks and books give away since 2019 The SFF projects are executed using solicited support from donors in forms of money and time. All the trustees work on a voluntary basis.

Stacey also runs free workshops for children. She has spoken 6 times at Wits University. She appears in libraries, graduation ceremonies, festivals, book clubs, classrooms, workshops, fairs, international conferences, boardrooms, programmes, services and product launches, media, etc.


Stacey loves to play as she learns.

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