The Stacey Fru Foundation ​


The Stacey Fru Foundation

The SFF sustains Stacey’s unlimited urge to donate items like books, computers, clothing and food to children and adults alike. Stacey’s footprint is seen across provinces in South Africa and Africa in general, into rural areas where she has been privileged to appreciate how lucky she is through giving. Her major concerns are evident in her writings and her talks themed; Illiteracy, Selflessness, Ignorance, Poverty/Inequality, Religion, Jealousy, Safety and Security, Respect, kindness, Honesty, Love, Health, Family and Friendship, Difference, Abuse, Role Models, Trafficking, Kidnapping, Culture, etc.

Her Writings

Stacey’s 1st book was approved by the South African Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to Primary Schools. ‘Smelly Cats’ further won her 3 awards before her 2nd book ‘Bob and the Snake’ was published. By age 12, Stacey had published 5 books one of which was made available in Braille by BlindSA on its launch date.


Stacey’s ambitions for the growth of the African child is extensive. As the youngest Ambassador for Save the Children and BrandSA Play-Your-Part, Stacey is focused on teaching children. She is very disappointed that many children cannot read and write by age 9. Stacey has dedicated her life to teach, motivate and encourage others through public talks, writings, and her television projects.